Share your data files quickly using the python SimpleHTTPServer

Before the cloud era, people used FTP and HTTP to exchange big data files… TIL how to setup quickly a temporal HTTP server to share my files with people out there without making use of dropbox or other modern software… :D (tx Fuzz :P)

To share files on a LAN:

$ cd /path/your_files_directory
$ python -m SimpleHTTPServer <port>

If you leave <port> empty 8000 will be used.

To share the same files on the internet, you only need to setup port forwarding for the port you used (or for the port 8000 if you used the default). You may also need to setup dynamic DNS (eg: if you don’t have a static IP and you intend to keep the server running for long.. :)

EOF!     // (Quick, isn’t it?)



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