Kinect helloworld – under construction

A few days ago I decided to write the most useless program in the world: a kinect program that makes you appear invisible… As it always happens on the Internet someone had already written it (here is his project called the “Invisible Man”:  – very inspirational!) so, I wrote the “invisible woman” that didn’t exist so far… :p Here’s a first video. The program is still under construction, I plan to change a lot of things:

The “invisible woman” runs on Linux. The tools I used:

  • libfreenect: to get the raw kinect frames from the kinect device
  • freeglut: window opening/keyb. and mouse event handling
  • opengl: for the drawing/texture mapping et c
  • glsl: to lookup the depth and render the “invisible” person in 3d

The “trick” is to map the depth and the video frame in 2 different textures and then, lookup the depth texture to set the z value of each vertex in the vertex shader.

Code: (under construction)

I plan to optimize it and use float textures because the 3d looks flat + do further improvements. That was just a quick hack…

Kinect helloworld – under construction

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