Robot attack :-P

My first Open GL project: Bob. (a lego-like robot)

Bob is made by transformed cubes and is animated using trigonometric functions.

Here is the youtube video (a number of Bobs running everywhere :-P):

Here are some shots from early bob stages:

Early stage robot

Some lego-like robots

More legos

Bob-robots running on a wooden floor

And finally…

Bob inside a children room!

Virtual Anatomy Class

Group project for a Virtual Environments MSc course: an anatomy class

The users (supposed to be students) can move around in the class and inspect a virtual skeleton. During the virtual course they can scatter, grab and move the skeleton bones around and try to combine them correctly. The program is written in XVR scripting language. For the scene and the objects 3d studio was used and the skeleton model was taken from

Here are some shots of the application running on pc:

The skeleton is complete.

Welcome to the class!

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